PočetnaOpremaIP KamereMOBI-IP SYSTEM PK-12


Autonomous wireless IP video surveillance platform of high resolution

MOBILE IP CAMERA is an innovative autonomous video surveillance system with remote access. MOBILE IP CAMERA has an integrated MOBOTIX IP megapixel camera with two lenses and 128 GB memory that provides an image of high resolution with countless details and optimal night picture.
This video surveillance is autonomous with separable accumulator with charge/discharge controller that enables independent work on locations which does not allow charging or where the temporary video surveillance of limited duration is needed.

The system has integrated wireless 802.11 b/g/n router with additional USB port for 3G/4G stick for Internet or mobile network access.
The whole system is placed in the IP 65 portable case, ready to be used in internal or external applications, on poles or walls.

PK-12 is ideal for the following applications:

  • Discrete MOBILE IP CAMERA for police and army surveillance applications
  • Video surveillance in crisis situations for fast application with recordings for later evaluation
  • Portable video surveillance with remote access through wireless of 3G network.


Surveillance camera features

  • Resolution 2 x 6 MegaPixel
  • Lens by choice: day/night
  • Selection of lens range from 360 to 15
  • Integrated recording of megapixel video with the sound of 128GB capacity
  • movement, sound, light alarm
  • free software for real images, alarm receipt and snapshot analysis

Other features

  • Accu battery 12 Ah
  • Autonomy to 18h
  • GPS coordinates in the snapshot (for evidence from the location)
  • Takeover of real time from GPS system
  • Accumulator charge and discharge control
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n access pointt
  • USB for 3G/4G stick


  • Pole and wall adapters turned on
  • No camera adjustment
  • Turn on and works

- Mobile IP camera
- Autonomous IP video system
- Video surveillance system
- Mobile video surveillance

Wi-Fi and 3G74G remote access and GPS positioning (option).
PK-12 has an integrated wireless routes for remote access through the latest 802.11n standard with 150 Mbps speed. In addition, the access through mobile network is enabled by installing 3G/4G USB stick on the locations where Wi-Fi is not available.
Integrated GPS positioning enables to automatically write in the GPS coordinates and the valid time taken from the GPS system. These information are of essential importance to the court validity of the place and time.